„Hailing from Munich, Germany, Supergoddess display a unique proclivity for playing music that is bright and joyful, shedding tons of scorching bright, hot rays of musical energy with a deftness and pleasure that is addictive and immensely pleasurable.

The guitars are loud and strong, distorted and loose to just the right level of fuzziness. An up tempo, down tuned rocker that plays well cruisin’ down the highway or cranked to the max in you favorite dark, sudsy tavern, casting guitar magic, boogie and heat, cranking out a mighty riff laden rock bomb that will have you stompin’ and jumpin’, bangin’ and twangin’ along.“

(Reginald Rykaczewski, Heavy Planet Stoner Rock Blog, Pennsylvania, USA)

Gallery: SUPERGODDESS by Kerstin Herminghaus